How to Order

This site seeks to provide a convenient way for you to order the items you need, and keep your supplement intake list current. Before ordering from this site for the first time, you need to have already made at least 1 purchase at the office, and have your email address associated to your in-office order. This helps us link your future website orders to your in-office orders.

Due to the complexity of the range of therapeutics we use for our clients, this site does not list most of the available products in the “Shop” Section. However, products are searchable by their names. You may search the specific ones recommended by your physician and place them in the shopping cart for purchase. As you enter the product name in the search box, you will be able to see the product-specific page and a picture of the product.

How to order…
1. create an online account by navigating to the “My account” page.
2. after navigating to the My Account page, register using the same email address that you received the “welcome” email on. It is important to use the same email, because we need to be able to link your online orders to our records.

3. You should receive an email called “Supplement Assist” regarding your signup.

4. Log back into the website using your new account and click “shop” to begin selecting your desired supplements for purchase. You will need to search for specific products using the “search” box. Only a limited number of products are displayed in “shop.” (including homeopathy blue tubes whose names are hard to spell).

If you have trouble locating a particular product, please email us and we can quickly reply to help you find it.


Group “Alpha”: thank you for agreeing to try this site and providing feedback. (September 2019).